Straight Bar Shoe

Bar Shoes their use, function and construction.

The various types of bar shoes are tools that can be used by the Farrier in conjunction with the Veterinarian in the treatment process of the horse.

Bar shoes can be applied for balance protection as well as therapy.

Over the past years many manufacturers have produced bar shoes that can be readily put on the horse.

These shoes come in every conceivable style and size. They are easily adjustable in the forge.

An important point to remember is that bar shoes are only a tool and perform only as well as the ability of the Farrier applying them.

We must all, both Farriers and Veterinarians, know what we expect our shoeing to accomplish and how that shoeing is to be applied before we can set our goals for treatment.


Straight Bar Shoe

The primary purpose of the straight bar shoe is to stabilize the hoof capsule while distributing weight bearing over a full 360 degree bearing surface.

This will facilitate a healing process for damage to the hoof capsule or related soft tissue when used in concert with appropriate veterinary care.

The most common indications for the application of the straight bar shoe are:

Hoof Cracks. Toe. Heel. Quarter.

Hoof Avulsions/lacerations-[ Wounds to the wall or sole].

Severe medial/lateral anterior/posterior imbalance.

Hoof distortions, chronic laminitis, keratoma.

Post surgical. In concert with hospital/treatment plates.

Fitting of a straight bar shoe should follow the same basic principles as any proper shoeing.

Sufficient stock size should be used to stabilize the hoof capsule both medial/lateral and anterior/posterior.

Construction should be sufficient to allow the shoe to be serviceable for at least six weeks.

There should be full coverage of the hoof wall with proper expansion and posterior support.