Journal 1890s


The story behind this journal is unique; it was discovered while browsing through an antiquarian bookstore in rural New England. There is no signature or reference to the author. I have determined the date of this journal as the late 1890’s because the “Physicians Daily Journal” into which the notations were made was supplied by the Maltine Company of Brooklyn, New York This company was a distributor of medicinal preparations during this period. Many of the hand drawings that are in this journal are similar to illustrations in textbooks available in the 1800’s. It is likely that the individual was creating this journal of anatomical drawings and detailed notes of diseases and ailments as a handy reference guide in his everyday practice.I was amazed at the detail and penmanship put into this journal. It is quite fascinating that many of the clinical notes are as valid today as they were 100 years ago. The horse doesn’t change, it is our understanding of the horse and his vulnerabilities that become more clear as we gain knowledge.It is efforts like this that give us a true understanding and appreciation for those who have dedicated their lives to the stewardship of the horse.

Jack Millman CJF, DWCF

Spring 2004