Jacks Ponderables

Jacks Ponderables



  • Develop a horse owner advocacy plan.

You are your horse’s primary advocate.



  • Get educated. You must take responsibility for your horses hoof health.



  • Recognize your horse’s uniqueness.



  • Address the cause not the symptoms. Utilize S.O.U.N.D.



  • Good care requires a circle of caregivers.



  • Balance is a harmony of parts.



  • If your horse’s hooves don’t look right they probably aren’t.


  • Your Farrier should be actively involved in continuing education.


  • Your farrier should be a member of and certified by The American Farriers Association


  • A few assumptions…


Your horse is reasonably healthy for it’s age.


Your horse is neither obese nor malnourished.


Your horse is serviceably sound for its intended use.