Quotes and Anecdotes

Quotes & Anecdotes

  • Hayden Price Welch Farrier -Balance is a harmony of parts.
  • Burney Chapman CJF-Knowledge is like horse manure if you pile it in one place everything under it dies. If you spread it around things grow.
  • Most Farrier principles are anecdotal. They worked for the Farrier who used them and this is passed on to others. However it requires the skill and abilities of the originating Farrier to work.
  • Edward Martin FWCF- Knighted by the Queen for his contribution to the welfare of the Horse. At the age of eleven began work in the Family Forge. His Grandfather explained that the hard work of becoming a Farrier was only mind over matter. His Grandfather did not mind and Edward did not matter.
  • Steve O’Grady DVM- without a diagnosis medication is poison treatment is torture.
  • Christilot Hanson Boylen- Dressage rider and author-The best rider or trainer, without the proper tools, is helpless.
  • Anonymous Veterinarian- I never met a Farrier who could balance a horse-anonymous Farrier- I never met a Veterinarian who knew what balance is. There are very few absolute mathematical formulae to explain the continuously developing athlete. See Hayden Price.
  • Bruce Daniels CJF- Teacher, preeminent Standard Bred Shoer- The problem with being able to shoe an ill- mannered horse is that you get to do him again.
  • Natural trimming is trimming the hoof based on the horse’s conformation, environment and work.
  • The horse is a living feeling being and must be treated as such.
  • The trim is the platform for shoeing. Trim to the horses conformation, shoe him for his job and environment.